I’m A Sophomore

Holy moly! I’m a sophomore. It’s been a really quick year. I don’t really feel like a sophomore. However, I have noticed that some things about me have changed. It’s been a wild ride, and I feel like I have grown as a person.  I’ve grown in a lot of ways.

First of all, I’m a lot more organized. I have everything organized and put together in separate areas where I know where everything is. Everything has an area. I’ve never been OCD in my life, but I am pretty sure that Wabash turned me into an obsessive academic organizer. I consider this a plus.

Secondly, I’m a lot more interested in studying. I’m not trying to say that I wasn’t before, but I used to view some studying as a chore and a bore. Now, I actually enjoy going over my notes. Not only does it make me feel committed, but it is actually interesting reading. I don’t have to force myself to look over notes or do work I am not interested in. I just do it without even thinking about it as a negative anymore. That is kind of liberating.

Thirdly, my mind feels a lot sharper. I have gained a lot more knowledge in many different areas, and I feel that I can contribute to more conversations and provide more insight into things now then I could when I got here. It’s really nice as well.

Finally, I feel more confident. After getting out on my own and already being pretty confident, this has proven to me, as well as my family, that I can survive quite well on my own. My mom and dad got over the “Freshman Worries” pretty quick. I have to admit I didn’t really expect them to. However, after handling my own problems this year, I can understand why they didn’t worry.

A lot of things have changed in one year. I can only imagine what will happen in 3 more. Well, I am off to some well-deserved Finals Week sleep. Have a great rest of the week my friends. We will talk soon. In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich

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