“Seriously Competitive”

Dear Wabash Reader,

I can’t believe I am dictating my last “online letter” to you all as a Wabash freshman. Exactly one year ago I had just made the decision to attend Wabash! Two months later, after submitting my $250 deposit check, I received a shirt in the mail with the words, “Seriously Competitive.” These are the words that signify the atmosphere at Wabash.

Posing with my “Seriously Competitive’” shirt at the entrance of Wabash College

The shirt reminds me of my interview with incoming President Gregory Hess, who described the mantra by saying, “I know the marketing materials push the ‘serious’ point, and I get that. I think it actually makes some sense that Wabash is a place that takes its role seriously. And I actually think it works pretty superbly.”

As I prepare for what will be a busy finals week, I wanted to look back on my year and give any incoming student advice from my personal experience.

What has been my most treasured experience is first semester tutorial with Professor Himsel in Baxter 101. There I made friendships with classmates and “brothers” that will truly endure. Discussion on “Founding Fathers and Revolutionary Characters” made me think analytically about what our founders truly left posterity in terms of example and national identity. I was pushed, prodded, questioned, and in the end, validated by my tutorial. In the same manner I encourage you to take that first step by making sure you get the tutorial you want to define your college years.

I heard these words repeatedly and I took them to heart. I learned so much about writing articles through “The Bachelor” and “The Phoenix,” became educated on the inner works of the student body as a class representative and member of the MXI, got knee deep in athletics through soccer and track, enjoyed my “nerdier” side through Dork Club, continued my commitment to helping others through Best Buddies, “Gear Up” mentorship program, and Alpha Phi Omega, as well as became a part of activities to stretch my mind and public speaking through Parliamentary Union and Moot Court. By all means do not put a limit on what you can do, then by the time you are finished with freshman year, you will have a perfect idea of exactly what you want to do!

Very much linked with getting involved, making friends forced me to balance my extra-curricular activities with meeting people and making lasting friendships. For me that has been extremely evident by my Martindale buddies, who have been a great source of friendship and amiability; from my friends within my alcove (Cole and Cameron) to next door, (Korbin, Tom, and Daniel) to down the hallway (Jordan and Carl). Friends also include those I have made through sports; you can’t imagine what running with someone for a half a year does for bonding! College life for me would be little if anything without the friends I have been blessed to make along the way.

So choose your tutorial wisely, get involved, make friends, but most importantly, get your sleep! The last aspect is the most important of all these three things, the key to happiness starts with a good night of sleep!

Thank you so much for reading this blog, and following me throughout the year. I hope it has been as helpful and informative for you as it has been for me. So let’s make it through finals week, enjoy your summer, and let’s do it all again next year!



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Self-proclaimed philosophist, philanthropist, and comedian. Fluent in one language. Enjoys spending time with friends and reading novels by Jane Austen.
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