Alright…One More Reason Why I Love Phi Delt

Hey Wallies! Happy Hell Week! He said with biting sarcasm. Guys, the last week of classes is kicking my butt. I’m struggling my way through the back end of my second all-nighter this week, and I’m just hoping that I’ll be able to go to sleep at a somewhat decent hour tonight (relatively speaking…it’s Wabash). Between the reports to type, presentations to prepare, and papers to outline, not to mention all of the other STUFF I somehow find time to fill my life with, I’m starting to get a little overwhelmed. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been a good week. There’ve been some fun fraternity activities I’ve gotten to participate in, the weather is starting to pick up, and President White’s Chapel Talk, as well as the luncheon afterwards, were great to be a part of. However one group of people has really stood out this week; the senior Phi Delts.

The seniors in our house are great, and it’s going to be hard saying goodbye to them. They are great role models, great friends, and I’m very proud to call them my brothers. So besides the other “end of the year” things we’ve done this week that make it seem so real that the senior class will be leaving soon, I made another great freshman year memory during my first all-nighter this week, on Monday.

What started out as a simple Spanish question on Monday night led to a 10-hour bro-down with my pledge “grandfather” Jordan Dulaney, who was also bogged down with a full night’s worth of homework. Because focusing on homework for 10 hours straight is just not natural, the night was intermixed with some great conversations about all sorts of topics, from the house, to future plans, to family and jobs. Spending the night working with a senior who I’ve looked up to so much was a great way to start the wrapping-up process of my freshman year, and gave me the opportunity to reflect how much I’ve changed this year, and how much I’ve learned. Dulaney is a great mentor, along with the rest of the senior Phi Delts, and it will be with a heavy heart when we all say good-bye to them for the summer.

Anyways, stay strong and work hard this next week Wabash! Only one more day of classes! That’s hard to believe.

I should be able to squeeze one more blog in this year, so keep your eyes peeled! Have a good one.


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