“The Tradition We Inherit”

Dear Wabash Reader,

That’s right, two more days of classes! I marked this landmark day by enjoying two munificent Reece’s pancakes from Sparks Center. And if you are wondering, I did cut back on a little bit of sugar because I turned down the Oreo chunk/cookie dough and kept myself within the traditional Bisquick batter you see at the store. So you see, I am very conscious about what I eat.

Kappa Sig beat the rain when painting the bench this week

“The Bachelor” meeting was a particularly poignant moment of the day, as we celebrated Ryan Lutz (Sports Editor), John Dykstra (Editor in Chief), Alex Totten (Cavelife Editor), Gabe Watson (Managing Editor) and Riley Floyd (Creative Editor) departing the Wabash staff. By celebrate, I mean we went around the table and each person spoke a little bit on why they chose to write for “The Bachelor” and what advice they had to give.

Tomorrow marks a similar moment for the Wabash community as we celebrate the tenure of President Patrick White, who as most know, will be taking the position as interim president at Millikin University. Tomorrow he will give his chapel talk, which I definitely plan on attending. Immediately following there will be a campus-wide picnic luncheon in Chadwick Court.

As I think about what the stage will be like when Dr. White gives his talk in the chapel, I can only imagine what effect Dr. William C. Placher had on his audience. For Freshman Colloquium (Enduring Questions) we are currently reading “The Tradition We Inherit,” Placher’s book with selected speeches and sermons from his time as a Wabash professor. I can only reflect on the traditions past alumni have had on Wabash, and tomorrow will mark a similar day for the Wabash community as we celebrate the impact Dr. Patrick and Dr. Chris White have had.

Sometimes you intend to go to bed and you end up having a great discussion with fellow Martindale friends Tom Blaich, Korbin West, Daniel Craig, and the two Cameron’s (Dennis and Steppler). Thanks for all those wonderful talks guys, I’ve truly enjoyed them!



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