Singing in the Rain

Dear Wabash Reader,

Andrew Dettmer is an excellent tour guide. It is very rainy outside. Those are two of the things I learned as I was given a tour of Wabash College, and to my surprise, I learned even more things I did not already.

Took a bit of a rainy tour yesterday

Like the fact that the arboretum contains every tree native to Indiana, and or that the Goodrich room in the library contains precisely 5,000 “good books,” all that is needed for a complete library.

Once again the rain took over the day, striking conveniently during track workout at around 4:00 and continuing at the writing of this blog, which is almost 9 pm. Of course I am spending my time tonight watching yet another episode of “The Voice” with Abraham Hall and Sam Mattingly, both wrestlers, snoring lightly behind me on the sofas.

I felt a little bad for missing the last student senate meeting of the year due to a track meeting for the mid-distance/distance guys tonight. But I took solace in the fact that I will be attending the last Bachelor newspaper meeting tomorrow during lunch. After writing for the newspaper for most of the year, I can truly say that I have learned a lot more about the process of putting a newspaper together, how to write sports articles, and lots of what not to-do in journalism.

It’s hard to believe, but three more days of classes left, let’s hope rain doesn’t stop that storyline!



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