Not too early to celebrate

Dear Wabash Reader,

I am coming back today from an extra long weekend at home with family. Here is how I know I am back at Wabash, when I am sitting in Martindale’s basement watching “The Voice” with Carl Sonnefeld. What gets me about being back is how beautiful Wabash is becoming the closer it gets to summer. This is the time people should visit Wabash, just as the flowers along the Allen Center begin to bloom and the trees behind Center Hall form a canopy of aroma.

Got to spend time with my brother over the weekend

It’s perfect considering that tomorrow I will be learning how to give tours in preparation for my summer internship in the Admissions office. It’s amazing what a turnaround one year can make, from taking tours to giving tours. I will even be helping with freshman orientation!

I think it’s not too early to star looking back and reflecting on what my first year has been like. I will not be the only one reflecting back on the year, Dr. White will be giving his talk entitled, ”Wabash in Our Hearts: A Fare Thee Well Address.” To mark the occasion there will even be a picnic on the mall for all students to attend.

Another sign that it’s not too early to think about year’s end is initiation. Not that I joined a fraternity, but initiation signals official induction into the MXI and Alpha Phi Omega. I am starting to see that a grueling freshman year is finally signaling a close by full membership in organizations on campus. I am looking forward to beginning my second to last Tuesday of school this semester. Tomorrow will be cloudy with a chance of meatballs-I mean rain!



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