Another Weekend Down

Greetings, my friends! It seems that we have only two weeks left in the semester. Everything is moving quite fast. Hooray for a nice roommate to hang out with on the weekends. It makes the time go by that much faster and that much more easily.

When I came here at the beginning of the year, I didn’t really know how many friends I would find, but I was ready to try. Then, low and behold, I find my current roommate, Christian. We hit it off right of the bat, and I am quite glad. We play off of each other pretty well and we always manage to find something to laugh at or talk about. It’s especially fun since he is pursuing a humanities degree and I a science degree. It means we have all of our bases covered. Any and all conversations can occur. That’s a lot of fun.

Take this weekend. We hung out for a good long while, watched a movie, listened to music, watched funny online videos, and just had a good time and laughed. It was a great way to ease into dead week. Now, with the upcoming week, it is study time. Then, immediately after, it is final time and time to leave. It’s going by pretty fast. Yet, thanks to my classes, my interest, my friends, and my roommate, it has been enjoyable.

Well, I believe I need to get going. I am extremely tired. In fact, I am going to go to bed, wake up, and hit the books hard. So, take care my friends. I shall talk to you all soon. In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich.

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