Why I Love Chapel

Hey Wallies,

I know I haven’t posted in a while…that’s my B. I need to take advantage of my blogs right now, because I just realized while typing this that I’m only going to be a freshman blogger for two more weeks! If that’s not shocking, I don’t know what is. The pace is starting to pick up around here, and schedules are becoming increasingly cramped, but every Thursday at 11:00, a sizeable portion of Wabash students and faculty still make time to swing by the chapel for the weekly Chapel Talk.

For prospective students or parents who are not familiar with it, Chapel Talk is a weekly opportunity for a member of the Wabash community (be it a professor, alumni, coach, student, or otherwise) to express their views on some subject or another. Although attendance varies, you can usually expect a pretty sizeable crowd, and there are quite a few devoted regulars that can be seen at almost every one.

It may just be because I love Thursdays, but I always feel the most “Wabashy” when I’m at Chapel. Bringing together students, faculty, alumni, and more together to listen to someone discuss the intricacies of what Wabash really means to them, and wrapping up with a mass singing of the fight song? Total Wabash Move. There’s this great sense of real campus unity during chapel. There’s no distinction between fraternities, teams, or any other divisions; just Chapel. I always feel like I’m really getting an enlightening, if not simply an alternative view on whatever the topic of discussion is, and that’s what the liberal arts are all about. Taking the time to learn about something that has no relation to Psychology or Spanish can be just as beneficial for my education as a major class.

There is also a great sense of fraternity unity during Chapel, as the Phi Delts have an unofficial zone in the upper left of the Chapel where we all sit together. Today was a particularly good turnout of Phi Delts, seeing as we had the pleasure of listening to senior Phi J.J. Peller, who told a couple of stories about his experiences with alumni and his own pledge brothers.

I’ll try to get in as many posts as I can here in the next few weeks before school ends. Hopefully they’ll be somewhat relevant to something important, but you never know with me. Have a great day Wallies, and keep West, Texas in your thoughts and prayers.

Hugs, not drugs,


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