Clear as . . . rain

Dear Wabash Reader,

It takes a Wabash man to venture through the pouring rain and lightning to work on his 8-10 page paper. But that’s just what events called for as I knew I needed to escape the four walled residence hall that is Martindale for some good, old-fashioned, work time.

Tonight is the first night of the play Jitney produced by August Wilson. My very own Martindale floor mate A.J. Clark will play the role of Booster, a young man who just finished serving a 15-year sentence term for killing his white girlfriend.

I walk into the library wet and tired

I venture the play will ask some critical questions that will leave the viewer questioning the need for status quo.

Another such work that questions the status quo is the 2008 film Food, Inc. that I watched last night for my Enduring Questions course. The movie showed the in-depth process in which food is manufactured, and the workers used to produce it.

The movie was a follow-up to last week’s visit to Dr. Feller’s farm where we learned about what it’s like to be a home-grown farmer making produce for the market. In contrast, Food, Inc. presented the operation of just a few major corporations and asked the viewer to consider the way in which the food we eat each day is produced.

Unlike yesterday when rain poured intermittently throughout today, the overcast skies made walking from class to class like something out of a black and white film. It was not until a few minutes ago that the rain unleashed it’s fury upon this unsuspecting student. Thursday and Friday promise equally dreary days, but hopefully the sun will break the rainy weather by the weekend!



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