Adorable (Not the Weather)

Dear Wabash Reader,

The cutest thing I have seen all day is lying in the basement of Martindale Hall. It’s a Australian Shepherd Dog named Cooper and it is only 7 weeks old. I don’t envy Cooper’s stop at Wabash College with eight other guys stopping by to play, pet, and stare at it, but when you are that cuddly, what do you expect?

Cooper is instantly lovable and 100% adorable!

If only the weather was as conducive to romping and childish play. Once again the weather rained down occasional showers that were spontaneous and fickle. It was a rain-free walk to Student Senate meeting tonight as we approved the budget, made a new amendment to the Constitution, and discussed ways to improve intramural sports.

Afterwards I walked back to Martindale to wash my clothes and watch one of my favorite shows on TV right now, “The Voice.” I tried to figure out who Usher would choose between two dynamic pop singers while my attention was also drawn to little Cooper’s off-screen antics.

While I did not have any classes today due to the cancellation of my Education 201, I stayed busy with my job at the athletic office and an informational meeting at the MXI. Dr. Warner discussed how to get involved with immersion trips and study abroad, two opportunities he knows firsthand as the head of the international department.

Today was also a continuation of the search for why. Not a “why” question coming from my enduring questions class, but why someone set off bombs at the Boston Marathon. The search for the answers to these questions linger as the nation shows their respect with the flags at half-staff.



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