That’s What I Love About Thursdays

Happy Saturday, Wallies!

How crazy is it that we only have two more Saturdays of the school year? I find that very difficult to wrap my mind around. More distressing than this shocking realization is that there are only two more Thursdays as well, my favorite day of the week. You might be thinking, “Oh, I see you Bode, you’re all about that Thirsty Thursday, right?” What? No. My favorite parts of Thursday all tend to happen before 8:00 at night. I’ll explain.

Some background information first: I have a bit of a morning alter-ego. We’ll call him


Esteban. It’s well-known within my pledge class that I am easy-going, patient, understanding, and easy to get along with.


It’s also understood that Esteban is none of those things. Esteban has yelled at people, physically accosted people, thrown things, broken other things, and even stolen alarm clocks because he is not a morning person at all. So when my Thursday Psych class starts at 8:00 in the morning, I will admit, when my alarm goes off at 7:45, Esteban is usually not too keen about dragging his butt out of bed. This is the low point of my day, when I sometimes have to vocally coax Esteban out of bed. Profanity, persuasion, encouragement, all wrapped into my morning pep talk to actually get myself to class. Once I’m there though, things get much better.

The two classes that I have on Thursday are Psychology 201 and Spanish 302, both of which are part of my Psych/Spanish double major. Therefore, I find these classes very interesting, and I really feel like I’m learning useful stuff in them. By the time 9:15 rolls around, I’m fully awake and pumped for the rest of the day. I’ve come to appreciate being forced to start my day at 8:00, because I feel like I get a lot more out of the day. A highlight of my Thursday morning is the half-hour break between my classes when I can swing by the library and pick up some coffee. By then I’ve usually tweeted about three different things about how much I love Thursday.

I could devote an entire blog about why I love going to Chapel Talk (I probably will, actually), so that’s another high point to Thursday. Then, when classes are finally done, I have the entire day to relax, study, work out, and anticipate Friday the next day. It may seem like an odd day to enjoy, but for some reasons, Thursdays always do me good.

Have a good weekend, Wabash.


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