“Kindling” Friendships

Dear Wabash Reader,

What do the “Black Widow” and the champion of the Midnight Munch have in common?

Dr. Ivette Wilson busily making pancakes at Midnight Munch in Sparks

They can both put down food! From 9-11pm Wednesday night Theta Delta held an all you can eat pancake benefit to earn money for Autism Speaks. While eating pancakes is probably not the best way to prepare for my track meet on Saturday, the quality of food, people, and eating competition made it worth it!

Today a tragedy almost occurred, one of which I am not proud of. My kindle fell into water! Consider my shock as I quickly tried to dry it off, wondering all the while if the incident will prove terminal to my most efficient web surfing device!

Many people comment on my Kindle Fire, and my track team is especially condemning. I could be sitting on the bus or hanging out at a track meet, minding my own business and surfing the web, when I am confronted by someone who asks, “Why do you always have that with you?” My immediate reaction is to question the premise of the assertion, which is that I am the only one who carries an electric device with me 24/7. Of course, a mobile phone is effectively the same device that seems to be a more “socially acceptable” means of avoiding intrapersonal interaction. But for me, my flip phone can’t give me the same convenient social excuse for appearing withdrawn from social activities, which is why I “always” carry my kindle with me.

Theta Delt’s “keeping it real” at Autism Speaks benefit

Take tonight for instance, I enjoyed a wonderful pancake dinner while tweeting my followers and looking up a Kevin Hart YouTube video for all to enjoy. I typically find that those most perturbed by the use of my Kindle are the least likely to engage me in a lengthy conversation, as if my status updated prevented us from having meaningful interaction.

This is why when you see me with my kindle, you do not have to worry that it prevents me from maintaining friendships. If anything, it allows me to stay up to date with the events going around with all the convenience of a phone. I’d like to think that I am “kindling” relationships one tweet, Facebook post, and YouTube video at a time. And of course, I’m more than happy to set my device aside for those really interested in having a friendly conversation with me!



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