Under The Weather

Hello my friends. Today has been an interesting day. I am a bit under the weather. As it so happens, my illness has timed itself perfectly so that the day upon which I have the least to do, I feel the most ill. I have already gotten my work done and slept more than I should (although I probably need it).  In fact, this blog will be a bit short, but I promise to make it up in the next one.

I awoke this morning (the first time) at 9:00 AM.  My father likes to call me every morning to check in and say hi. We talked for about 10 minutes and then I got off the phone. I immediately fell back asleep. I then woke up at noon and felt a bit worse. Being stubborn, I got up and tried to begin working.  I then realized that I was pretty much stuck in my bed.  I didn’t get up, but instead reclined, took medicine, and worked for a bit before I fell asleep again. It’s amazing that when you are sick you can’t sleep enough.

Then I finally managed to get up and move long enough to grab some dinner and head back to the dorm to rest again (after falling asleep again for the third time right before I left). Perhaps my body is telling me to sleep more? I can’t really tell. Not being a licensed medical professional YET prevents this.

Anywho, that’s enough bellyaching from me. I’m sure I will be dandy tomorrow as long as I stay upbeat. In fact, I believe it is time to lie down again. So, I shall bid you all adieu for the evening.  Enjoy your night my friends. We shall talk more soon. In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich.

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