“Physical Phenomenon”

Dear Wabash Reader,

It was beautiful day at Wabash College. For prospect Anthony Douglas, he could not have picked a better day to visit.

Which will pop through all the balloons first, the blue or green laser?

I have to remind myself of the fact that for many high school students, this is Spring Break. It’s not hard for me to see why this week is quite simply the best week for it.

Being around Anthony allowed me to think of all the many questions I had coming in about Wabash, like how did I adjust to the small school dynamic Wabash has.

The Senior Bench painted in scarlet red

I was able to answer many of his questions while participating in the “physical phenomenon” held by the science students. There were many demonstrations, and I enjoyed the smoke ring demonstration in which symmetrical circles of air were forced through a cylinder to the audience.But the best display had to be the device that used electrical frequency to play “Old Wabash.”

I was extremely happy about procuring a summer internship, and even happier to officially accept a position in the Admissions office at Wabash. I will be working as tour guide, doing office work, and many other little tasks. I feel very fortunate to acquire this job which will allow me to be productive over break. Break is coming quickly, and in just a little over four weeks I’ll be taking final exams yet again!



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