Easter and Passover or Fluffy Bunnies and Yarmulkes

Good evening my friends! It is that time of year again. No, the title of this blog does not lead to some strange blog version of a children’s novel, but to the fact that it is time for the celebration of Easter. As a most magnificent bonus, I get to go home this weekend, feast, spend time with friends, give thanks, and have a great time overall.

Being from a multicultural family, within the same weekend, we celebrate the fluffy guy bringing candy, the traditions of Christianity, and the traditions of Judaism all in one. I love that my family and I are able to do this. It has given me a great amount of opportunities and has taught me a great lesson.

That lesson is that you have two families, the one you are born into, and the one you create. You have the power to choose who you wish to associate with and who you choose to call “uncle”, “sis”, “aunt”, or “brother”.  They needn’t be blood. They need to be close. In fact, they can even be closer than blood a lot of the time.  I’m grateful for the definition of family that I have grown up with. Family is comprised of the people you are close to and love, be they blood or not.

I especially like the doors that this view has opened for me. I now have a Jewish Uncle or “Juncle”. He is literally the only Jew in my town, yet he is right at home and willing to share his culture with anyone who has an interest. He loves playing up Passover and going through every ritual and rite with us because we are family and he loves to celebrate with family. I am very grateful to have that experience, and extremely grateful to have him as my “Juncle”. He’s like a Jewish Don Corleone. Whenever I have a problem, he is right there to help alongside everyone else.

Well, I must be off my friends. I have one more class and then it is time to see my family. Enjoy your various celebrations, be you Catholic, Jewish, or otherwise. Have a great weekend.  We shall talk later. In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich.

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