“Who Broke the Internet?”

Dear Wabash Reader,

You’re at that point where you are engrossed in your work, furiously trying to type the last few pages of that five-page paper when all of a sudden you try to access the internet. After the initial long wait, you begin to wonder if something is wrong. Six F5’s (refresh button) later, you realize that Houston, we have a problem . . . the internet is down!

The receding snow line marks the final blow to the Teak constructed Wall of Wabash

Such was my experience as I put the finishing touches, or what I thought were the finishing touches, on the article I am writing for The Phoenix. It’s not difficult to imagine my surprise as I quickly scrambled to enable my kindle device which, not surprisingly, runs on the Wi-Fi system. Back to square one.

Then I thought, what activity can I do that does not require internet access? The brilliant idea struck me like a thunderbolt from the Greek god himself, write a blog! Now let’s not get huffy that it took a disrupted internet connection to get me started on my daily blog. Instead, think about the fun you’ll have watching the basketball game of the night tomorrow when IU takes on Syracuse!

Call me a fake, shake your head, do what you will, but my bracket reflects the fear that IU may fall to Syracuse before reaching the Final Four. If you need any proof, just look at how they played against Temple. This is not to take anything against IU; they are definitely one of the best teams to beat in the tournament. This fact is made even clearer after President Obama did to Indiana the unspeakable discredit of picking them to win the Final Four. Let’s hope he at least done us all the favor of knocking on wood before this bold prediction!

Another important event tomorrow is the Political Science speaker and Wabash graduate David Shane, ’70. This will be an opportunity to listen to a man that has truly made his life that of his talk today, “Service to Others as a Strategy for Life and Leadership.” I am keen to hear about his educational experiences as a lawyer, and how he applied his skills from Wabash to influence the Community Leaders Allied for Superior Schools and later Gov. Mitch Daniels’ Senior Advisor for Education and Employment. These two organizations only name a few of Shane’s involvement over the years.

Of course, now that I am done writing this blog, there is still this problem of posting it without internet. If you receive this message, that means the rescue mission sent to free Wabash from its delayed apocalypse of y2k has been successful!



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