Midnight Showdown

Dear Wabash Reader,

Another busy day at Wabash College and slowly but surely the snow is melting from the sunny past few days we have had. The snowball fight last night from 11:45-12:00 would have only helped speed up the process!

Wabash’s “East” and “West” face off in a snowball fight

Last night Wabash campus was divided, not on ideological differences, but on different sides of a huge snowball fight! The battle was begun by the singing of the national anthem and the Sphinx Club hoisting the American flag for all to see. The only thing that could keep you from going out to enjoy the festivities is if you were snowed in with homework, or you were allergic to the hamburgers and hotdogs the Sphinx club made for the night’s activities.

The melting snow made running outside like running through a slushy. I was with many of the distance guys who ran the five-mile “Carpet Run” through Crawfordsville. From there it was a quick shower, dinner at Sparks, and a Student Senate meeting.

The only thing that could disappoint me today was learning that I was not selected for the Resident Assistant position for next fall, although I am still free to apply for the spring of 2014. While I was disappointed not to be selected, I know there were other great candidates who can fill the position even better than I can. For now, this opens up other opportunities to pursue the Peer Mentorship Program we have at Wabash for incoming freshmen, as well as other opportunities.

Tonight I hope to catch some of the USA v. Mexico qualifying soccer match before heading to bed. It’s bound to be a tough one!



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