Wabash Never Cancels

Dear Wabash Reader,

You know its Midwest weather when one day everyone is getting sunburns and the next there is four feet of snow on the ground. This scenario is highlighted by the fact people could still be seen wearing shorts and t-shirts. Asking one such individual why they were dressed as if it were nice outside, the reply was, “I haven’t changed from yesterday!”

Wabash was absolutely inundated with snow Sunday evening

That’s what Wabash students had to look forward to when they came back, or tried to come back, to Wabash. I do need to give credit where credit is due; our snow removal service here at Wabash seems to be doing a fantastic job. I got up at 6:30am to register for classes, and found that a pathway from the door of Martindale to the brick walkway had already been shoveled. The same was true with just about everywhere on campus.

This is not to say I wasn’t wishing for a cancellation today, but I lost all hope after hearing that the last time Wabash was cancelled was back in 1972. Not only does Wabash Always Fights, Wabash Never Cancels! In 1972, Florida Gulf Coast University was not even established, much less their basketball program.

And why do I mention Florida Gulf Coast? They not only messed up my ESPN bracket, kicking Georgetown out of the NCAA tournament, but they became the first #15 seed to make it to the Sweet Sixteen! On a side note, my Butler Bulldogs gave an enormously valiant effort in their loss to Marquette. It’s exciting to think that Butler will join one of the best conferences in the nation next season in the new Big East. I anticipate next year will be another fun and even more exciting year for Butler.

I can’t describe the weekend without mentioning that Wabash track had a lot of conference-qualifying times along with great performances at IWU’s Polar Bear Invitational. The 4×400 team ran the third fastest time in the nation with a time of 3:18.82, and Ronnie Posthauer ran the fastest time in Division III outdoor this year in the 110 hurtles with a time of 14.51!

It’s hard to think that I will have to wait until Friday before watching some more college basketball, but at least for tonight I will have the first season episode of The Voice.



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