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Dear Wabash Reader,

March Madness has struck with a fury, as my NCAA bracket has just been torn to shreds by #2 Georgetown falling to #15 Florida Gulf Coast. Talk about a surprise! I was following the scores of the basketball games while playing Euchre with the members of the track team. Tonight was game night, and the team got to know each other better through playing cards, video games, and board games. (Intense board games included Risk and Monopoly, each of which lasted three to four hours!)

A particularly intense game of Risk concluding during game night

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day, and I knew that by the exorbitant number of bright pink shorts being worn around campus. Unfortunately the wonderful weather today is not going to stay around, as this weekend I expect to be inundated with a large amount of snow.

As long as the snow holds off for my track meet tomorrow at Indiana Wesleyan University, I will be happy. I expect to run my first outdoor event in the 1500 meters before running the 5k. The meet is an early one, as I will have to be up and ready by 7 am tomorrow morning to make the 10:00am start time. Other sports t competing this weekend are the tennis and baseball teams. Tennis travels to Albion College for an early 9 am game, and the baseball will play two double headers with each game being at home.

I am excited for the weekend and about attending the first national act of the semester featuring comedian Ralphie May. I am prepared to be entertained, and if necessary, die laughing. Be safe traveling this weekend, and enjoy yourself!



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