“Timely with the Timeless”

Dear Wabash Reader,

This morning I was up and running with my suit and tie. I was dressed up early because I would not have time to change in the morning for an interview as a Resident Assistant. I did have the privilege of meeting Dr. Gregory Hess in person and I was fortunate enough to find him at a table where there was room for me to sit.

Dr. Hess (middle) is joined by students in the Sparks Center

For the most part, I listened as Dr. Hess responded to questions about books he has read and the Enduring Questions classes at Wabash. But what struck me the most was his words for the change that Wabash must bring about, combining the “timely with the timeless.” This comment is made clear when put in reference to the transformative role Wabash College is called to play in the changing world while maintaining its cornerstone attributes that define it as a liberal arts institution.

It is ironic that the discussion lead to talking about watches and the difficulty changing alarms Dr. Hess experiences in traveling. Hess specifically mentioned his iPhone, with its new ability to screen his calls at certain times in the day except from family and personal friends, as well as enable important calls to come through.

I couldn’t help but think this analogy was allusion to his general reference on “timeliness.” The difficulty Dr. Hess mentions with his iPhone is that it is complex to use, similar to running an institution. While I had to leave for class, I came away from breakfast with a new perspective on being a leader by paying attention to small things, even if that includes setting the alarm on my phone.

Being interviewed for the RA position today is not the capstone of my activities, although that experience has added a new dimension for me about the RA’s responsibility in his hall. The highlight was attending the 40th annual Peck Dinner in which Judge David Hamilton spoke. It was neat to bump shoulders with other distinguished alums that have gone on pursue law as their careers. What I found interesting from Judge Hamilton’s acceptance speech is the prevailing sentiment that he is still learning, and although he has a double major in Philosophy and Religion, he still feels that there is a lot for him to learn.

That idea that learning is a continual process is one that I cherish at Wabash, even as I am forced to review my graded papers repeatedly to achieve better proficiency. If learning consisted of predicting college basketball games, however, I would be sitting pretty at 96.4 percentile, a feat in which I am undeniably proud of. Daniel Craig, my next door neighbor, also decided to fill out a bracket on my profile just for fun. Lo and behold, a guy who I truly believe has seen less basketball this year than I watched in one day is tied along with me after the first round! Now you tell me what the chances are of that happening!

As you can tell, it has been an exciting day with homework, school, and extra-curricular events. And I am very happy that tomorrow will be another day to brag about the Butler Bulldogs moving on in the next leg of the tournament!



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