Spring is (not) in the Air

Dear Wabash Reader,

It was absolutely freezing outside early this morning. Fortunately the weather improved enough that I could discard my winter coat by late afternoon. Contrasting from the 60-65 degree weather this time last year, the first day of spring tomorrow may very well be the coldest day of the week!

The sun looked magnificent outside the Sparks Center today

But I am not complaining, today was a great day to practice speed workouts on the hills of the area Crawfordsville golf course.

I attended my second Student Senate meeting since spring break and fellow blogger Carl Sonnefeld was looking quite dressed up with his suit and tie. I guess there’s no crime for just “wanting to dress up,” as he described it. With having to hustle immediately from soccer practice to attend the meeting, it is difficult for me to dress up. Fortunately our meeting was short and concise.

While the Honors Scholar Weekend was successful, Sky King brought up some concerns during the senate meeting that the weekend might be too long. The bellow flop was good entertainment for the people who came, but few prospects attended because many left to go back home Friday night. Because of this, the idea of a two-day (Thursday & Friday) Scholar weekend may be just around the corner.

Tonight I met with Jeffrey Beck to schedule my classes for next year. I have the great fortune of being the first among non-seniors to select classes. My classes will finally have to include a science, as I will embark into the great world of Biology 101. Not only will I have the joy of taking 2-3 hour labs, but I also hear studying for long exams and tests is an absolute pleasure. But seriously, I will have a great challenge with next year’s curriculum regardless of what I end up choosing.

Looking forward to watching the second day of play-in games tomorrow in NCAA basketball after I get out of the weekly Alpha Phi Omega Meeting. Go LaSalle basketball!



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