It’s aBout Time For Another Blog! (Pun)

Howdy! All of you know as well as I do that it’s been a crazy past week here at Wabash! So much to do to prepare for Honor’s Scholar Weekend, not to mention schoolwork and the post-partum depression following Spring Break. It’s a whirlwind, folks. Here’s basically an update on what the Freshman Experience is like with only 6 weeks left of school.

1. New Orleans Wrap-Up

I’ve owed you guys this one for awhile, so here it is. Our last night in New Orleans, we all headed out to the French Quarter to percolate through the social debauchery of Bourbon Street. We picked up some delicious coffee and powder sugar donut things, and got undesired career advice from a remarkably intoxicated businessman. It took all we had as a group to not smirk at each other knowingly. At one point, he informed us that “we didn’t have a CLUE about the our careers.” Our thoughts:

The whole group with Miss Ellen

Bourbon Street was basically everything you would expect it to be. And that’ll be as detailed as I go with that! The next day included 15 hours back home to Indiana, along with lots of sleeping and Pokemon for me. Overall, the best Spring Break I’ve had. EVER.

2. Honor’s Scholar Weekend

This weekend blew my mind away. I can’t believe that it’s been a year since I was here, staying at Phi Delta Theta for Honor’s Scholar Weekend! I remember it being one of the highlight weekends of my senior year, and it was a blast to be on the other side of it this year. I took a three-day weekend to help with rush, so Friday was spent running recruits from the Allen Center to the house, eating lunch with recruits, and getting pumped up for the bouts. Throughout the weekend, I met a lot of really solid recruits, and after a very successful rush, I am proud to say that many of them will be a part of Phi Delt’s 2013 Fall pledge class! I’m very excited. So now let’s talk about the bouts.

Me and my boy Joe goin at it

HOLY CRAP, THE BOUTS. 99% of the people who have ever met me would be shocked to imagine me surrounded by hundreds of shouting people getting the crap beat out of me while trying to beat up my best friend. But it happened! And it was epic. My nose is still bleeding, and my head will be sore for a couple of days now, but the experience was incredible. The crowd was awesome, Joe and I had a good fight, and I cannot describe the adrenaline rush during the fight. People ask why I would do it, and the answer is because you might get one chance in your life to actually feel like a professional boxer, and that’s essentially the experience at the Bouts. Too hype, seriously. Anyways, this blog has dragged on and on. Happy Spring!

Hugs not drugs,


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