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Dear Wabash Reader,

A small pause, then splash! The first annual Belly Flop-Bash Contest is underway. The winner of the competition had to be Patrick Bondi from Beta, whose pro-USA stance made him a big splash with the audience.

Patrick “USA” Bondi makes his first belly flop of the night

Patrick had some tough competition from individuals such as Tyler Griffin, who stormed the pool with a hefty trench coat and Beyoncé playing in the background. You can check out the pre-competition video below to learn more information about the contestants.

It is an exciting time to be a Wabash student! We had over 300 potential Wabash men on campus last weekend and it was a blast. I shamelessly put aside homework and papers (don’t tell my professors) to interact with prospects through events like Wally World and the first annual Belly Flop-Bash Competition.

I personally thought the event was a success, as it allowed for people to take part in a fun activity before the rushing activities began. While I did not take part in rushing, I did enjoy spending part of my Saturday night with a prospect at Fiji playing water pong. The late night also consisted of making a run to Steak n Shake, for the second time that week, to enjoy spending some time with friends.

I would like to say the entire week was wonderful, but in the world of college basketball, I was distraught to watch Butler eliminated from the A-10 tourney with their third loss to St. Louis, and a little surprised that IU was kicked out of the Big 10 tournament by Wisconsin. The only good that came out of the weekend was that IU claimed a #1 seed and Butler secured a #6 seed in the NCAA Tournament. I cannot tell you how excited I was Sunday night to fill out my bracket with my roommate Patrick. He, like me, loves to follow college basketball and although our allegiance lies to different teams, we are both loyal to Indiana basketball!

This week is sure to fly by as I prepare not only for the summer, but next semester employment. Today I had an interview for a potential summer internship in the Athletic Center and this Thursday I will interview for an extremely competitive Resident Assistant job. For many students, it is not too late to continue applying for employment, dressing up for interviews, and waiting for a reply. For me, waiting a little anxiously for a reply will make up a good portion of my week!



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