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Dear Wabash Reader,

Ben, Evan, Nick, Tom, Sean, Cole, Sam, Murphy, and Jacob. These are just a few of the individuals I had the opportunity to meet over Honors Scholar Weekend. Meeting dozens of new people in such a short time makes me excited about the great number of exceptional individuals Wabash continues to bring to campus. The Admissions and Financial Aid, along with coaches and staff do not get enough credit for their role in attracting and retaining well-rounded students.

Phil Kubisz and Joey Weisenritter (fellow blogger) blast some rocking music outside of their house, Kappa Sig

Just today I was able to discuss with a few potential Wabash students about why they chose to visit Wabash, and what they are looking for in their school of choice. What I continued to hear was that Wabash was the school to visit because of the influence of friends, family, and our strong reputation. Discussions like these remind me of why I am fortunate to attend Wabash and to talk to other students about their potential decision to attend as well.
Rush events are churning with a frenzy.

Registering prospective students

Kappa Sigma had an outdoor concert, Fiji’s doors were open, and Phi Psi’s music was blaring. Looking back on my Honors Scholar Weekend, I can better appreciate the work and effort that goes into making the entire weekend a success. As a student, hosting a prospect is one of the little things I can do to contribute to the experience. I remember being very pumped after visiting Wabash and really deciding to make it my school of choice. I hope I have helped to make a similar impression on the students visiting this weekend as well.

With all the activities going on, I was not able to just sit and watch college basketball, and neither did I want to miss out on all the events tonight. But I was able to follow Butler, who beat La Salle and move on to play #16 St. Louis on Saturday. I’ve also got to keep an eye on IU, who plays a tough Wisconsin team.

It’s been a busy week, and it will be an even busier weekend. So have a safe and enjoyable next few days. And prospects, enjoy rushing Wabash!



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