Weekend Mind-Warp

Hello my friends. This weekend has been quite a mind-bender. I came into contact with a totally new philosopher whose ideas are quite intriguing. Also, I saw my grandparents, and managed to rest quite well. All in all, today has been good. Now, allow me to share this awesome philosophy stuff.

As I was reading a book about the philosophical aspects of The Matrix, I encountered a philosopher named Jean Baudrillard. In one of his major works, Simulacra and Simulation, he postulates that our current society has completely replaced actual reality and meaning with symbols and signs, and by so doing, have created a simulation of reality in which all of humanity is stuck. I actually think this makes a lot of sense. A potent example for me involves Coke and soda.

Think about this. Coke is a symbol. The big glass bottle and red and white logo automatically tell us that soda is present. It has gotten to the point that some people call all soda Coke. I have seen people go in to a restaurant where coke isn’t even served and they will say they want a Coke. As it so happens, they are brought a soda. Now, since they call it coke, if we follow Baudrillard’s idea, then it is not real soda in the mind of the drinker, but what we think soda is. We think soda is Coke. Hence, Coke is our simulation of soda. Therefore, we do not know the reality of soda, but only the simulation.

This is some heavy stuff. I actually thoroughly enjoy it. I have always been interested in the way words and symbols interact with each other, and how they change the path and perceptions of our minds. It’s really interesting to think about. Especially with all of the symbolism of Wabash that could be analyzed. However, that is another blog and I need rest. Goodnight my friends. We shall talk later. In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich.

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