Wednesday in Nawlins! Seafood and Sawhorses.

Hey friends!

It’s time for another update from the beautiful city of New Orleans, Louisiana! From what I’ve heard, Indiana has gotten quite its share of snow in the past day or so. Meanwhile, in the bayous, it’s been 60, sunny, and cloudless. Jealous? I would be too.

Fellow Phi Delts Zeno Joyce and Juan Nguyen helping prepare dinner.

Your envy will soar when I tell you about the home-cooked N’Awlins meal that the families of the Westside Christian Church made for us tonight. Asian salad, cornbread casserole, and the best, most authentic gumbo you could imagine made for full bellies tonight. The past two days have been both exhausting and rewarding.

Yesterday, Tuesday continued with the demolition and restoration of Miss Ellen’s bathroom. The heat and sun soared, and much sunblock was applied. A highlight of the day was when the ice cream truck swung by, and one of our

Keton, Jared, and Me

group leaders, Dallas, let us indulge our inner child. Every night at the mission has consisted of euchre, group trips through New Orleans to “Smoothie King” and the “Hip Hop Hood Mart,” as well as blissfully early bedtimes. After getting up at 6:30, going to sleep at 10:30 is a blessing.

Yesterday, during a group reflection, we discussed the prevalence of poverty in the lower 9th ward. After sharing our experiences at the different work sites, it became more apparent that there are many misconceptions of poverty in middle-class society. Many people are quick to associate poverty with dirtiness and laziness, when pride and resilience are more accurate. It was interesting to hear the opinions of those who see poverty as an inescapable spiral. Hopefully, the rest of this mission trip will prove to be as enlightening.

Today, Wednesday, was incredibly productive. Our group at Miss Ellen’s house reached

Like pros.

the point where we could go nuts on nailing down roofing, plywood, house wrap, and siding, so we got a lot accomplished in our 7-hour day. MOST SIGNIFICANT, however, was the private project that my teammate Jared Burris and I undertook. We noticed that our group was having serious problems cutting plywood without any decent sawhorses. So, as Wabash men, what did we do? WE BUILT SOME. The end result was an example of our crafting prowess.

After tonight’s authentic dinner, a quick trip to Smoothie King sounds perfect.

Appreciate the little things, Wallies.


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