The Great Glee Club Tour of 2013

Greetings from Philadelphia! It’s been four days since the Glee Club has been on its 2013 Glee Club tour, and what an experience it’s been so far.

We departed from Wabash on Saturday at 9:30 and drove east all through the day, arriving in Pittsburg around 7 at night, if I am correct. The next day we would be singing for a church in Pittsburg and some of the kind members of the congregation were kind enough to house some of us in their homes that night.  Three other Kappa Sigs and I had the pleasure of staying with a Mr. and Mrs. Lenz, who had a beautiful home and were very accommodating to our needs; I am very thankful for that.

Chillin with the Liberty Bell.

After our performance and a day in Pittsburg, we boarded back onto the bus and continued our travels, this time with Philadelphia as our destination.  We’ve been here for two days now and will be here until Friday.

So far, this tour has consisted of a lot of singing (oddly enough), some sight seeing, some exploring, and a lot of time on our coach bus.  We’ve sung in a church, at a rest stop, the National Constitution Center, in our hotel, and at a retirement home, and there is muuuuuuuch more singing ahead of us. As for tonight, we’ll just be chilling in our hotel room and making fun amongst ourselves.


Until next time,


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