Let It Snow (AGAIN)

Greetings my friends! It is I, your blogging friend from the ‘Bash. I must say it feels glad to be home, and I do apologize for the lag in blogging over the past few days. This particular beginning of break has been rather busy, and the weather has also been quite horrendous on the internet connection. However, I must blog on.

Being back home is quite interesting. Apparently I have grown since I was last here, and people have noticed. I didn’t notice a change, but then again, I don’t tend to notice growing very often, even though I am supposed to grow another 3 inches or so before I am finished. It’s really funny when you notice your mom looks shorter than usual.

I spent the first part of my break at my closest friend’s house. We had a blast. We stayed up way too late, watched movies, went out to eat, and had a raucous good time. I was almost sad to leave, especially since it was my friend’s birthday Monday. However, family was waiting, and I love spending time with them too. It is great to see my folks, eat my mom’s cooking, jam with my dad, and relax.

It is really hard to get work done though. I know I have some to do, but this break is flip-flopping my brain. However, I know I’ll snap out of it. Work is quite important. It’s just been nice to not worry about it for a few days. So far, the only constant reminders of things I have had are my knees. They keep reminding me to be mindful of weather and walking, as well as even sitting down. It’s been  interesting seeing how they react after having all of these strange weather fronts thrown at them.

Well, I must go now my friends. I wish to watch the snow fall a bit and go to bed. Have a great week. We shall talk later. In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich.

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