Conference Championship!

Dear Wabash Reader,

For those of you who do not know, Wabash College is competing in the conference meet in Wooster, OH. We are attempting to win our third indoor championship in a row!

Competing in my first conference meet in Wooster Ohio

We had a great start yesterday (conference is a two day affair). We had strong finishes in both the shot put and 5k, as well as many qualifiers from yesterday’s preliminaries.

I missed qualifying in the 800, but my teammates Jake Waterman, Cole Hruskovich, Jimmy Kervan, and Sean Lewis all stepped up to the challenge. I have the mile to focus on today, and I am extremely excited. Nick Boyce and I will try to pace Wabash in that event.

Ohio Wesleyan is winning the meet at this point with a score of 51-38. But today we have a lot of individuals looking to make up ground in the rest of the events (sprints, distance, pole vault, long jump, and weights). It’s bound to be a fun one, and if you would like to follow live stats or watch it on video, you can do so by visiting the Wabash athletics page and visit one of the front page articles titled, “Wabash Second Entering Final Day of NCAC Track and Field Meet.” You will see the link at the end of the article.

In the meantime, have a great Spring Break, I’m sure it will go even faster than my mile event today!



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