The Hero’s Monomyth

Dear Wabash Reader,

Even the snow couldn’t put a damper on my excitement about leaving for conference tomorrow. I had to put expectations on hold while I tried to focus on school for a little while longer.

Dean Oprisko delivers his talk Wednesday night in Hay

Tonight Dean Oprisko gave a talk called, “How the Dark Knight Inspires Us & Why His Villains Terrify Us.” You don’t even have to be an avid Batman fan to have enjoyed this talk. This was a presentation that gave thorough look at the hero’s journey. What I realized after listening to Oprisko’s talk is that the stages of a hero can be applied, generally speaking, to the monomyth of the Wabash student. There are four basic steps to discover our inner hero through the refining fire of Wabash College:

#1 Call to Adventure: Right after graduation your Mom or Dad told you it was time to quite free loading and kicked you to the curb. Maybe not quite that dramatic, maybe you left gladly, either way, the call to adventure was very clear.

#2 The Road of Trials: Need I explain, WABASH COLLEGE. Yes, this is the school where completing full homework assignments seems like a test of endurance, a marathon. Add mid-terms, finals weeks, homecoming weeks, and other events, and it’s easy to see why there never seems to be enough time to do anything.

#3 Abyss, Death and Rebirth: This is the rock bottom of academics, athletics, and extra-curricular activities. These are the moments when questions of meaning and enduring questions are asked, and you find out that the closest answer you are ever going to get is WHY!

#4 Return with the Elixir and Resurrection: This momentous experience will hit us right around senior year. You’ll look back, think, and reflect on your experiences, and all of a sudden it will all make sense. You and you alone will understand the meaning of life.

So these are our trials, the burdens we carry. In our journey to become heroes, we must all conquer our inner fear and make Wabash our symbol of justice in the world.



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