Lindsay’s Keys to Well-Being

Dear Wabash Reader,

If at any time this morning you found yourself singing to yourself while strolling through campus, chances are you were doing so in the cold, dreary rain. I found myself outside frequently this morning, walking to breakfast in Sparks, from the library, and the Athletic Office for work. Needless to say, humming the sweet music of the Queen of Soul to myself made great rhythm to the steady morning rainfall.

It’s a rainy morning on my way to the Allen Center

So when a guest compliments our campus, like I heard Lindsay Langford do today, it goes to show what a beautiful campus Wabash really has despite the rain. Lindsay is a registered dietician who is currently working for St. Vincent Sports Performance Center. She came to Wabash to give a presentation. When I learned she was working with the Butler Bulldogs on their diet, you may say that I was a fan of hers right away!

So fellow readers, it is far from me to enforce on you the rigors of healthy eating, but I can share a few words of advice she left for athletes and non-athletes alike.

#1-Stay hydrated. Lindsay said that half your body weight is proportional to amount of ounces you should drink each day, and for me that would be about 80 oz. of water!

#2-Create a “colorful” plate. No more of all those fried dishes, replace fries, chicken, and potato chips with sweet potatoes, vegetables, and fruit. You can never eat too much fruit!

#3-Finally, Lindsay encouraged us to eat meals and snacks throughout the day to regulate our digestive system. The tentative timetable she proposed would be begin breakfast at 7 am, snack at 10, lunch at 12:30pm, snack from 3-4, and dinner at 7pm.

I hope these words of advice have made a healthy impression on you, because Lindsay says that if there is one thing you cannot do, it is outrun an unhealthy diet!



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