Blog #47

I’ve become aware of the fact that I haven’t put a blog out in quite some time.  Unfortunately, these things happen.

I’d give some excuse like “I’m always really busy,” or “My dog ate my computer,” but the truth is, I’ve been pretty on the ball when it’s come to time management lately.  A few weeks ago I made a detailed weekly schedule that divides my days into neat, half-hour increments and I filled practically every slot with productive ways to spend my days.  I’ve basically stuck to this schedule since I made it—with the exception of a few unforeseen changes of plan.

So why is it that my mother sends me texts jokingly complaining that I’m keeping her waiting?  To put it simply, my life has gone stale.  Lately, I’ve felt like there is nothing going on that is blog-worthy.  I go to classes,do homework,work,eat meals,play guitar,go to Glee Club, but I’ve fallen into this routine that I find bland and mundane.  The days of the week seem to fly by, which doesn’t seem much of a problem to me, but on Sunday nights I sit and reflect on what I’ve done the past seven days and wonder if this is it.  I need to find something new to break from this monotony.  Maybe it’s time for some new piercings (that’s a joke, mom).

I don’t know what I’m going to do—or if I’m going to do anything at all.  Maybe I just need to turn towards the little things or find amusement in nothing (would that make me insane?)  Either way, something’s got to give.  Hopefully, along with the changing of the weather, my outlook on my day-to-day routine will warm.


Until next time,


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My name is Joseph Edward Weisenritter. I'm from the southside of Chicago, I have two sisters, two dogs, and two loving parents. If you asked me to describe myself I'd say "music". I like birds. Also, I like to write.
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