Conference Qualifier!

Dear Wabash Reader,

It was a busy weekend, both on and off the track. Off the track this weekend I was planning on attending the MXI’s Red Velvet Celebration, which is night of music and celebration. Although I was not able to attend, my weekend was overshadowed with celebration: I made conference means in the 800!

Quinn Douglas competes in the long jump at Anderson

The meet took place not far from my home town of Muncie, so my parents were able to come see me run, and I saw my former coaches and friends in the stands. The stage of the meet was pretty prophetic as well. Anderson is about as nice of an indoor facility as you will find, with a brand new indoor track, an upper deck running track, and plenty of room to host field and running events simultaneously. The conference mean is a 1:59.25, and I just made it with a 1:58.93. I was proud of my teammates, who made up 6 of the top 10 finishes in the 800. Waterman ran the fastest time in Division III with a 1:50.97, and Hruskovich is seeded 13th in the nation with a 1:53.79.

Fellow distance runners qualified for conference as well, including Boyer and Jared in the 5k and Togami in the 3k. It was a great meet before conference this weekend, and it was not just a great performance by the distance group, but the team as a whole.

Sunday morning was spent running through the beautiful trails of Shades State Park, and the rest of the day was spent with a combination of homework and working for the phone-a-thon. This week is bound to bring more great performances on the track, and I am looking forward to being a part of it!



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