Study Study Study

Greetings! I am studiously studying my study subjects. Now, that’s a fun sentence. With tests galore coming this week, and everything reaching fever pitch right before spring break, I am buckling down. I have so much studying to do before break, and then a nice rest.

With a religion final coming up, as well as a bio test, both on the same day, I must say that I am quite overloaded in the studying department. I’m enjoying it though. I love finding out all the little bits of info and putting them together. It’s a hobby of mine. Or, to be perfectly honest, it is an addiction.

I love knowledge. I adore knowledge. I am addicted to knowledge. My parents bred that into me at a small age. While other kids that I knew in high school were engaging in “herbal supplements” and the good ‘ol “liquid courage”, I was in my room getting high on information. I still do that to this day.

It makes things interesting when questions are asked and I have to search for answers. I enjoy research very much. I never understood why. Something about the speed of my mind going into overdrive trying to find the answer and blanking everything out really intrigues and thrills me. I love the feeling, especially with the advent of computers, of typing at rapid speed and trying to find answers to questions. It is a rush.

So, with all of the studying and typing I have been doing lately, and the research as well, I have had a blast. The life of an intellectual is my kind of life. However, intellectuals need sleep. Enjoy your weekend my friends. I shall talk to you all later. In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich.

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