Take Me Out to “Take Me Out”

Dear Wabash Reader,

When our Enduring Questions class was told we would be attending the play “Take Me Out,” I thought nothing of it. It would be one of a couple events this year our class would be attending that would take us outside the classroom.

Scene from the play “Take Me Out” last night

I was not aware of how dynamic this play was going to be. “Take Me Out” touched on some important themes of sexual identity in society, but most particularly, in sports. As I sat in Ball Theatre and watched fellow classmates act out the play, I was struck by the quality of the performances and the number of individuals who took part in the play for the first time.

Larry Savoy, Daniel Sandberg, Reid Smith, PJ Izaguirre, Kevin Bennett, and Ryan Lutz made their first appearances on the Wabash stage. Of the 11 actors in the play, I knew all but two, and I was struck by the transformation of my peers into their roles compared with their real life personalities.

Fellow Wabash blogger Carl Sonnefeld regaled us as he always does in his first appearance on stage. One of my favorite scenes has to be the exchange his character plays with Joe Mount, who plays Kippy. In the scene, Kippy interprets the conversation between two Spanish-speaking individuals. Kippy appears to be bilingual, as he also “interprets” for the Japanese player on the team in a way that left me laughing at the utter absurdity

The play continues tomorrow night again at 8pm, so make sure you reserve a ticket if you want to view a funny, but important play in the discussion of inclusion in sports and life.



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