“Bode’s Internship Tips” or “A Dissertation on Why the Fraternity System Is Pretty Badass”


What’s up, Wallaces? Thursday’s almost over, and that means that it’s almost Friday! YAY! Some thoughts: If you haven’t gone to see “Take Me Out,” GO! It’s great, and my fellow blogger Carl does a fantastic job! Somehow, being the plucky awkward guy comes oh-so naturally to him! Second, a big shout-out to Dr. Hoerl for her captivating Division III talk today. When that woman speaks, the world listens. Super interesting discussion. And third, Wabash finally made the Harlem Shake video! Keep an eye out for the finished piece! If you see someone shirtless, with a construction helmet and a cripple boot dancing around on someone’s shoulders…that’s me. The guy in the blue helmet is Phi Delt’s very own Jesse “Stucky” Stuckwisch, which is pretty cool too.


So I’ve come to realize something over the past 7 days, and I’m going to share my experience with you, in hopes that you can benefit from it. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Is that an “Oprah’s Book Club” sticker I see? Coming soon to a bookstore nowhere near you.

Anyways, you might be wondering what exactly I’m talking about. The “I” word. INTERNSHIPS! As of now, I’ve applied for the Nantucket Bike Tours internship in Nantucket, Massachusetts, and I found out yesterday that I’ve been accepted for an interview for the position on Friday. Exciting stuff! I’ve learned a crap-ton about the internship process in the past week, and I’m still learning more, so here is the first of the multi-chunk blog about interning.

1. Go to Career Services – THIS IS VITAL. If you are even thinking about thinking about pursuing an intern or externship this summer, you’ve got to go. I had no idea where to start, but new deadlines were going to be coming up soon, so I stopped by. They’ll give you the resources and help to actually begin the process, which is really the hardest part. Getting a Wabash Works account, and then starting a resume and cover letter are incredibly important early on.

2. Select an Internship – Browse around Wabash Works and find something that looks interesting to your specific talents and interests. This HAS to be your next step. Unlike applying for colleges during high school, where a generic resume and letter of recommendation would cut it, each internship deserves its own unique variation of the two. You won’t be able to write either without knowing what you’re applying for first.

3. Organize Your Stuff – WRITE the resume and cover letter, using the examples that you can find online at Wabash Works and elsewhere. It’s very important to get SOMETHING, ANYTHING down. It’s much easier to edit what’s there than to generate new material, and you don’t want to meet a mental roadblock. Time is not necessarily your friend, so…

4. Manage Your Time – Be very, very aware of the time frame. Give yourself enough time to write, seek advice, rewrite, make a revision, go back to Career Services to have them look over it again, rewrite, rewrite, email it to your parents to look at, rewrite, and then finally submit your information comfortably before the day it is due. To do the process right takes at least a week.

This is all I have for Part 1. Part 2 will describe why my involvement in Phi Delta Theta was unbelievably important in the application process, and why Independents are severely limiting their resources. It’s not a knock on Independent life, but certainly an exultation for the fraternity system. Finally, Part 3 will cover my interview process (no matter how it goes, or its outcome).

Anyways, wish me luck at my interview tomorrow morning! Have a great rest of the week, Wallies!



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