Cream and Crimson

Dear Wabash Reader,

Finally got out of the Senate meeting tonight to watch the Indiana v. Michigan State game, and it is going to be a close one! Unlike my Butler bulldogs, who have a solid lead over Duquesne.

It was terribly cold and windy out today

Today I had the opportunity to attend the talk by Cheryl Cooky entitled “Out on the Field: Understanding Homophobia in Sports.” Many EQ classes came to listen to the talk, so I saw plenty of familiar faces in the crowd. I thought the discussion was interesting, but the conversation afterwards was even better.

Among the questions to consider was what the face of sports would, or should look like with greater acceptance among major sports such as baseball, football, and basketball. Moreover, the school-wide play, “Take Me Out” will highlight some of the struggles in a fictional character in dealing with his sexual orientation on a major league baseball team.

Ohhh, this just in folks, IU has beaten Michigan State 72-68, it was a close, but in the end, the crimson cream prevailed! And of course, the bulldogs too.



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