Chilly Day

Good evening my friends! It’s a wee bit frosty up here at the ‘Bash. It hasn’t stopped me from having a good day though. It’s been a rather interesting day overall, especially since I (insert Rodney Dangerfield impression here) had no class. A lecture, tons of studying and a piling on of stress leading up to a major lab practical all seem to follow me this week. Also, jazz band has been particularly fun.

Today, I saw an interesting lecture about homophobia in sports. It explored the “hegemonic heterosexuality” of sports and how it needs to change in order for all people to be accepted and sports to be fully legitimate depictions of society. It was quite interesting. The presenter was quite enthusiastic. It was a well-rounded presentation. I found it informative.

Next, I have been bogged down in studying for my first lab practical. It will be a daunting task. I have already begun hearing horror stories, and I must say, I am buckling down and doing my best to eliminate all fear of the lab practical. I have already studied for a combined 6 hours over the last two days, and plan to study more tomorrow. May the Gods of Biology smile upon me favorably!

Jazz band was interesting tonight. We are playing a variety of pieces of all styles, including one I’ve always wanted to play, which is Spain by Chick Corea. I am so excited by that. I love that song. I really hope that we get to playing it. We also have other awesome pieces on the list that I hope we can get to as well. The upcoming concert should be great.

Well my friends, I believe it is time for me to sleep.  I sense that tomorrow will be a long day. It should be a fantastic day. Good night. Have a great evening. We shall talk soon. In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich.

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