(Another) Good Weekend

Dear Wabash Reader,

“Do you ever have a bad weekend Fabian?” Matt Paul asked me. “Brother” Paul, as he is known to Professor Himsel, and in extension, myself. I found it a great question, and I started to wonder if I ever answered anything other than “yes” when someone asked me about my weekend.

View of Purdue’s Mackey Arena right next to their indoor track and field stadium

But it was a great weekend for many reasons, the first being that I set a new personal record (PR as we call it in the running world) in the mile. While it was satisfying for personal reasons, I was happy for many of my teammates, especially our 200 sprinters who qualified for the conference meet. We ran well, and while we did not win the meet, seeing that we are a little DIII school in a big pond of DI athletes, as always, we made our presence known. One habit we have as a team is to cheer each other on at the top of their lungs by yelling MOOOVVEEEE at the closing moments of a race. This sound, when bellowed correctly, has the distinct resemblance to the mooing of a cow, but do not be deceived, it is inspiration to the person needing the extra push.

Lastly, this weekend was made up of competing in Parliamentary Union at IUPUI. Four guys, including my debate partner Nick Freeman, made up Wabash’s representation at the meet. Nick and I finished the day well, considering it was my first meet, we were 2-2. But most importantly, we defeated DePauw in something that our presiding judge of that round could only look on with disappointment, as he himself is also a DePauw graduate.

So while I had yet another good weekend, as Matt Paul would say, I hope it was the same for you. And if you can, be ready to follow tomorrow’s basketball matchup between IU and Michigan State, it’s bound to be a good one!



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