Back On Track (Or Not)

Wow, guys, I’ve had so much on my plate, I didn’t realize I hadn’t blogged for three days! That’s what I said…THREE DAYS AGO, HOLY COW. This week has been hectic, and for really no reason. Just so much to keep track of that I let myself get a little overwhelmed and then fall behind, which is never, EVER okay to let happen. Let’s recap a little bit.

For starters, four papers due between Thursday and Friday was obviously a significant use of all my spare time. I know that all of the professors don’t sit around planning their due dates all on the same day, but sometimes you’ve just got to wonder if Drs. Hughes and Hudson aren’t somehow in cahoots together, just to keep me on my toes. Luckily, I got those wrapped up, so my academic load is back on track where it should be.

Speaking of “being on track where it should be,” MY BODY ISN’T. (Paragraph Transition Pun of the Year: Nathan Bode). My leg continues to be about as useful as a sack of pasta, and feels as good too. Because Purdue is apparently not “Gimp Accessible” (and due to travel budgets), I couldn’t even attend our team track meet at Purdue today. Unfortunately this means that I missed watching Mr. Sean Lewis qualify into the Conference meet! I’m sure there were more athletes that qualified as well, but he’s all I know for sure, so a big congrats to him!

Thursday night was spent helping my sister surprise Sean for Valentine’s Day, which went perfectly. End result, she snuck in through the basement of Cole Hall, into Sean’s room, and proceeded to have a Skype date with him…from his own dorm. It took him about 10 seconds of video chat to realize that she was in the same building as him. Isn’t that cute. MEANWHILE I’M SINGLE, SO

Actives Spencer Harrison ’16 and David Chew ’13 working with alumnus Hugh Vandivier ’91

Whoops, got a little carried away there. Finally, my Saturday was devoted to some Phi Delta Theta super spring cleaning. We’re not talking your run of the mill cleaning. I mean…DEEP cleaning. With the help of some very dedicated alumni, the house is now, literally, the cleanest that I have ever seen it. It’s great, plus there was some good bonding between the brothers, both new and old.

Have a great Sunday, Wallies! Hug someone.


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