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Another beautiful day in Wabash and 8 am in the morning found me recording away for my ESH job. My job is to log the number of people who use Wabash’s athletic facility, which is a fairly straightforward job. The funny part comes when I see the name “John Smith” who is the guest of “Pocahontas.” But let’s get to the exciting moment of the day.

Mr. Carter Sr.’s medal of honor was presented to him during President Obama’s first inauguration

I had the privilege of sitting in the same room as one of the original Tuskegee Airmen, Arthur L. Carter, Sr. The difficulty of getting a degree in the early 1900′s is highlighted by the fact that during that time period only about 6% of Americans had a degree. Indiana high school Crispus Attucks is where Mr. Carter Sr. graduated and it was a school in which every teacher had a degree. Four years ago Mr. Carter Sr. received, along with 325 other Tuskegee Airmen, the Congressional Gold Medal for his service.

He had great stories of why he enlisted and how his ability to type 90 words a minute gave him his job in service as well as in civilian life. He said he remembers few things about school while growing up. One of the things he remembers is the image of George Washington above his classroom door and the American flag in each classroom. The image of Washington only goes to reinforce his joy that America has elected President Barack Obama, and that he lived to see the day.



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