Greetings my friends! Today has been a day filled with plants. What can I say? My biology lab was plant-oriented, and that being what occupied the major part of my day, turned my whole day into a plant festival. It was intriguing.

We had to analyze the insides of plant matter today. It was interesting, although not my forte.  Overall, three and a half hours observing plants, while interesting, doesn’t leave me thrilled too too much. Now, if we were attacking plant viruses that would be a different story.

Another good part of my day was spent reading Dante. Dante is truly a wizard with words. I happen to love his work. It has a very lyrical quality, and is quite descriptive. It must just be my inner language lover, but I actually see poetry as providing more vivid images than any other form of writing. I truly enjoy the flowery and beautiful language of the old poets and the writers of the epics.  It puts me much more into the story than modern writing does. It also gives new depth to language. So many passages can be taken so many different ways, and I enjoy that.

So, my day has included both plants and Dante. This is a rather interesting combination. I would have to call it a good Thursday. The weekend looks to be quite pleasurable. I will be heading home to be with close friends of mine. I don’t know what they have planned, but I expect it to be quite fun. I will have to make time for studying and schoolwork, but I plan to have a lot of fun too.

Well my friends, I will talk to you all later. It is late, and I feel sleep creeping in. Have a great night. We shall talk again soon. In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich.

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