Man Panties!

Good news folks!

Wabash Theater’s Take Me Out is premiering in exactly one week and we are getting ready to go. Tonight’s rehearsal was focused solely on scenes taking place in the shower, which meant for the first time, the cast got the opportunity to try on their man panties. What are man panties you ask? Well they’re flesh colored man-thongs that give the impression that we actors are nude while showering. Now as you can imagine, some of the cast was a little hesitant to strip down and parade around like they’re in a Sisqo music video. But, I have been looking forward to this day since I first got word of these special costumes; I was even there 20 minutes early to try it on. And it wasn’t long before my fellow cast mates were jumping and jiving, happier than Adam before he ate that forbidden fruit. I am absolutely in love with the man panties, but because they’re so revealing I was thinking about getting a nice waxing before the lights officially come on next Wednesday. I just don’t want my professors to grade my work based on my butt hair.

This has been another typical week aside from the rigorous rehearsal schedule. Classes are going well. We have been watching a movie in Political science, which I ain’t complaining about. I did suffer a C+ on an Ancient Greek exam, but that just keeps on pushing me to practice my declensions. Besides, if you don’t achieve a high proficiency in ancient Greek, how can you ever expect to get a job in modern society?

As my girl Beyonce says, “I don’t think you ready for this jelly. I don’t think you ready for this jelly. I don’t you think you ready for this. My body too bootylicious for you babe!”

Oh, and how could I forget. You’re favorite blogger is finally taking the training wheels off his fingers and learning to type. Now I know what you’re thinking, “How in the hell is this poor child in college without knowing how to type? And isn’t he a blogger?” yes it’s true, I have to look at the keyboard in order to type over 9 words per minute. But, for Christmas, my lovely mother bought me Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. She is so kind when she complements me on my accuracy, and she’s assured me that my speed wth increase as my fingers will become more familiar. I don’t want to offend Miss Beacon, but ain’t nobody got time for that! I have a quota of 3 blogs a week (and I cant afford to take up two whole hours talking to you people)! Oh well, maybe by spring break I’ll break that 10 wpm plateau. I can see the promise land folks, let’s just hope my fingers can make it.

Wruv Wru,


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I am a freshman at Wabash College. I have 1 mom and 1 dad, 1 brother, and 4 dogs. I enjoy football, snowboarding, talking to men and/or women. Ray Charles is my favorite musician but I enjoy all things groovy. Happiness is a matter of fresh the coffee is and how pleated my slacks are. I am a twit @Cmoneytangmasta
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