Grin and Bear It

It’s become glaringly obvious that I need to blog. It would’ve happened sooner as a suggested on the Twitter, but Friday and Saturday were swamped with track meets at IU and then Depauw. So finally I have some time to sleep, do homework, and blog. So here goes.

Now, being a public representation of Wabash College, and being aware of the fact that I have no idea about what the various types of people that read my blog are like, my blogs have been more or less totally secular. On the other hand, knowing that my blogs are written for Wabash men, who are supposed to be open-minded and tolerant people, I’m not going to feel too bad throwing a tiny bit of the Christian faith into a blog. It might even happen again in the future. So readers, if I offend you with one reference to the Bible, 1. I don’t care, because 2., Unless a terrorist is forcing you to read my blog at gunpoint (in which case you have much bigger things to worry about), you can go about your day without reading it. Disclaimer, finished.

So my favorite bit from the Bible is Proverbs 15:13, “A happy heart makes the face cheerful.” How great is that? Just makes you want to smile. As a Psych major, I also know that this idea works in reverse: studies show that if someone fakes a smile, even if it means holding a pencil between his teeth to simulate a smile, he’s much more likely to feel better. Now these two ideas sunk in for me this week, on top of other things, all because I started thinking about the track team’s “Random Act of Kindness” week.

With a lot of homework, laundry, and shin problems on my mind, I found myself pretty stressed out and negative at one point during the week. I even woke up one morning very nauseous, experiencing crazy nosebleeds that led me to stay home from two classes. But then, I started going out of my way to do a random act of kindness here and there, and it made me feel a little better. And then, I felt very inspired after listening to some upper classmen give speeches about running for a track captain position. I started thinking about the great role models I have to help guide me here at the Bash. I stopped and made time to read the Bible a little bit (including Proverbs) and relaxed a little. Then I went out and spent an evening with the distance team, and felt even better. And then I did the same with another group of friends the next evening. I woke up early Friday morning to Skype mentor an 8th grader, and was reminded of how great it feels to be a role model. And then I spent Saturday evening with my best friends at Phi Delt.

So throughout this whole process, I started getting happier and happier, and feeling better and better, until I had this great outlook on life in general. So, to freshmen following this blog, if the dreariness of February is starting to bog you down, my advice is to find the joy in the little things. If that means doing something nice for someone, or really appreciating the close friends you have, there’s a good chance you can find a way to make your heart happy and your face cheerful.

Have a great Sunday, Wallies,


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