Sporting Weekend

Dear Wabash Reader,

Today marked the end of a testing week, as is attested by the many students who spent Sunday night studying for tests instead of watching the Super Bowl. My day of reckoning came today in my Latin and Political Science classes, my first two exams of the year. The tests come on the beginning of my fourth week of competition in track. As I prepare for tomorrow’s meet, I had to wish my fellow track teammates the best as they will be competing at Indiana University.

Brigham Mosley delivers a line from his play, “Mo[u]rnin’.After.”

Tomorrow the rest of the track team will leave for DePauw. But track is only one of three sporting events tomorrow, the basketball team plays Kenyon at 3:00 pm in Chadwick while the tennis team competes at Lake Forest College.

Tonight I attended the performance by Brigham Mosley’s featuring his experimental, solo play called “Mo[u]rnin’.After.” My morning after should see me off and running in DePauw. If you are on campus, you may want to cheer on the basketball team in their important game. Have a good weekend!



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