On a Winter’s Day

Good evening my friends! It has been a most wondrous past few days. I have been quite busy and have had many new experiences that have been awesome to have. Please allow me to elucidate.

Yesterday, at about 8 in the evening, I was privileged enough to be a part of the Wabash Society for The Furtherance of The Liberal Arts group. It was an awesome affair. We had presentations by members Kaleb Morris, Tyrone Evans, Patrick Stroud, Nick Freeman, Chris Dabbs, and Bailey Combs, as well as myself. It was fantastic. So much knowledge, learning, and teaching in one room. Everyone had fun, and a good amount of people showed up. I hope we do it again sometime. I sure enjoyed it.

Next, I’ve had a lot of work to do.  I’ve had exams, lab reports, papers, and the collegiate cornucopia that goes along with all of this. It was great. It’s been a real challenge, but I love it. In fact, I have even more work to do coming up. It should be a busy day tomorrow and the next day, and the next day.  No dull days ever happen here.

The weather has been a bit touchy lately. All of the pressure changes have really thrown me for a loop, but I’m still standing. My cane is my best friend right now. I’m living it up. Walking with a cane does tend to add a hint of sophistication I dare say, especially if you look good with one. I have been enjoying my cane quite a lot.

I suppose it is about time for me to go to bed now my friends. Another busy day awaits. My body says it is bed time, but my mind is saying no. We shall have to see who wins. Have a good night my friends. We shall talk again soon. In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich.

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