Why Questions?

Dear Wabash Reader,

Another temperate day today left me over-prepared with my winter coat and stocking cap. But with the flu on the loose, you can never be too careful! My colloquium is with Dr. Anne Bost in Hays Hall and today the topic centered on enduring questions. The question was over whether Dr. Frankenstein should be held responsible for the creature he had created.

Alpha Phi Omega President Corey Egler leads the meeting for new APO members

What makes this course so important is the ability to discuss matters of differing opinions with humility and respect. In no way is it easy to listen to what you may view as a misinterpretation of literary themes of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, but learning to listen and discuss events productively is one of the most important lessons I can learn from this course.

I attended my first call-out meeting for Alpha Phi Omega, the civic-minded fraternity on Wabash campus. Next week will begin the official induction ceremony as well as the beginning of pledging. I see APO as a great service opportunity as I am sure the over 20 other individuals in the room did also.

The day concludes with tidings that the Wabash basketball team fell short in their bid to upset Wittenberg. But in the meantime, I am hoping for Jamaica to beat Mexico in a soccer match airing on ESPN2.



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