Oh Carl

Dear Wabash Reader,

It was an unusually warm day today as Crawfordsville seemed to release us from the cold grip of winter for a brief moment. I think the warmth of the day tricked my body into feeling energetic and productive, as I accomplished numerous odd and end errands throughout the day.

I have to say Student Senate meeting provided the most entertainment today as I recall Carl Sonnefeld, fellow Class of 2016 representative, making a show of what can be done with a pen and a bit of humor.

Sergeant at Arms Sonnefeld strikes an intimidating pose before Student Senate convenes

I don’t know about you, but one look at this Sergeant of Arms would have me running away in absolute fear. I am so glad Carl sit right beside me, due to him meetings are a whole lot more entertaining!

Of the many wishes I have for tomorrow, one of which includes getting more sleep, I also wish our basketball team the best as they will take on Wittenberg in Ohio. Hopefully they will keep their post-season dreams alive as they increase their chance of competing in the conference tournament!



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Self-proclaimed philosophist, philanthropist, and comedian. Fluent in one language. Enjoys spending time with friends and reading novels by Jane Austen.
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