“The Who?”

Dear Wabash Reader,

I enjoyed viewing the 49ers and the Ravens duke it out for the Vince Lombardi Trophy, but the highlight of the night had to be Beyoncé.

The Super Bowl viewing at the MXI featured the singing of “America the Beautiful” by the students of Sandy Hook Elementary and Jennifer Hudson

Although the NFL is denying it, the cause of the Super Bowl outage had to be Beyoncé’s fantastic halftime performance. Beyoncé inspired in me the belief that the Super Bowl halftime performances can be great, something that Madonna and “The Who” couldn’t do.

What more could I ask of a weekend? Wabash basketball took on nationally ranked Wooster (#8) and won. IU beat #1 Michigan to reclaim the top position in the rankings. And of course, there was the Super Bowl.

The Sparks Center record was set for the number of people that can fit at one lunch table

I returned to Wabash late Saturday night from the meet to watch IU with Oladipu play superbly against Michigan. Unfortunately, I was unable to catch the basketball game against Wooster due to a track meet at the University of Indianapolis. My event is the 800 meters which is not quite a sprint but not labeled as a distance event. As the indoor track season slowly winds to an end, the time to reach the NCAC standard in the 800 is steadily approaching.

Each track workout brings improvement not only to me but to the many of fellow teammates who, like me, are trying to reach the standard in their event.

Like our Wabash basketball team and Beyoncé, the track team is trying to make sure that everyone knows who we are come the conference tournament so no one, and I mean no one, has to ask exactly who we are.



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