Just Keep Swimming…(And swimming…)

If you’ve seen me on the Twitter (@bodewabashblog) or the Facebook, you know that this blog is the result of a can of Monster, a blank Word document, and a complete and utter lack of major inspiration for my writing. Like, the possibility of writing a blog about the complexities and significance of my camo “Tractor Supply Co.” hat was all but inevitable. Thankfully, I have decided to just go with a short “Weekly Update” and cover various little things about my time here at Wabash. But don’t worry, the infamous “Hat Blog” may be right around the corner.

So for starters, my shins. Turns out, I may NOT have a stress fracture! When the physician told me that, I was all:


But at the risk of developing a full-blown stress fracture, and due to the constant pain I’ve had while running, I’m in pool rehab for the moment. I love not feeling pain after practice each day, and I’m excited to recuperate safely, so no matter what, I’m happy with the situation. That being said, aqua-jogging is not very exciting. Luckily, the Little Giant swim team has a pretty great music selection, so it hasn’t been a completely awful experience. And a good recovery is the first priority.

Speaking of Track, it’s the track team’s “Random Act of Kindness” Week! So don’t be afraid to drop all of your books in the library, because chances are, there will be a track athlete or two to kindly help you pick them up, and even hold the door for you on your way out. Wabash T&F: Men with small shorts and a big hearts. 

In the fraternal aspects of my life, as of Sunday, I am now a full-fledged, bona fide, initiated brother of Phi Delta Theta! It’s a good feeling! We’re starting our Spring Rush soon! If you’re gonna be Greek, you might as well be a Greek god, and if you’re interested in rushing a great fraternity, swing by at lunch for some of Sue’s great cooking! This week has a bomb menu, by the way, so come while the gettin’s good.

Finally, while asking around the social media for topic suggestions for this blog, one idea got thrown in that was pretty interesting. Most of you know that I have a twin sister, named Mandy. What many readers do NOT know, is that she has a boyfriend (ew) at Wabash, who is on the Cross Country team! And she didn’t meet him through me…weird right? So, on that topic, you’d think it would be a little weird to see my sister with a teammate and classmate, but really, it’s just nice to see her happy with a good guy, Sean,  from Wabash. He’s basically like a part of the family now! Plus, when Mandy comes to see Sean, I get to spend some quality time with the sister too. Luckily, “S&M” is a fun couple to hang out with, and they keep the PDA’s to a minimum. Sean gets the brotherly seal of approval for sure. AND HE BETTER KEEP IT THAT WAY. *Cracks knuckles*

Have a great week Wabash,


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